Cutting and Icing tips

Dessert presented on a plate

To cut a cake into two layers:

  1. Use a knife longer than the length of the cake.
  2. Place the knife at the side of the cake and ensure its level, spin the dish the cake is on while you cut into the cake slightly. Turn until you reach the first cut and then cut all the way through.
  3. Pick up by inserting a hand through either side, splay fingers out and gently lift the top layer off and set aside.

To ice a layer cake (Nancye used Buttercream Frosting):

  1. You can use an off-set spatula or a piping bag.
  2. If you use the spatula method, add a large dollop of frosting and using a rocking motion, gently spread the icing over the cake. For piping, start on the edge (1 inch from edge), pipe a line around the entire cake and then fill in the middle.
  3. Ice the cake with either method, leaving an inch from the edge to allow the icing to spread out once the top layer is placed back on.

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