Kia ora from Crete

Ship to Gaza docked at wharf

It's a two and a half day trip from where we are now to the shores of the Gaza Strip.

Onboard feelings are subdued. There's been articles written in the media today which argue both arguments.

Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs director Dore Gold has written to UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon expressing his concerns that the Freedom Flotilla are breaching the maritime blockade Israel has placed on the area. Gold sees the flotilla's actions as provocation, fuelling tensions in the area. He adds that Israel has no interest in a confrontation but will enforce the blockade meant to stop arms being smuggled into Gaza.

On the other side General and Former Chief of the Israeli Military Intelligence is calling for the Israeli Government not to intervene with the sailing convoy which doesn't carry weapons.

I have been around the Marianne, all 20 feet of her and have not seen weapons hidden away. The activists here are focussed on drawing attention to the plight of the Palestinians.

It's hard to maintain momentum when much of the past two days has been waiting on other boats in the flotilla.

We just received news that our planned rendezvous with contacts in Crete were meant to meet us and handover supplies. Greek Police in Crete have stopped the small tender and will not let it out of Greek territory waters. We are in international waters. Stalemate.

Now there's doubt hanging over the other boats in the flotilla and questions around if they will be allowed to leave.

There's a lot of tension onboard and the Captain has to make some big decisions.

As well as supplies, we were also going to collect some new passengers. The ex-President of Tunisia and a delegate from Israeli TV were meant to join us. This would have been politically beneficial for the flotilla.

The Captain has set a course for Gaza when we do that is still a question to be answered.

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