Wild Peppercorn Pork in a Bag

Wild Peppercorn Pork in a Bag on display

PREP TIME: 10 minutes
COOKING TIME: 4 – 5 hours
WINE MATCH Lovelock Pinot Noir


1.5kg pork

3 tablespoon flour

Flaky salt, fresh ground black pepper
1/3cup fennel seeds
1/3cup whole green peppercorns
4 cloves garlic chopped roughly
1 apple chopped into 4 pieces
Fresh thyme
2 cups chicken stock
Large oven bag


1. Place all sauce ingredients into oven bag leaving a few peppercorns fennel seeds, garlic & thyme to sprinkle over top of pork once in the bag.

2. Lay pork on top. Add rest of ingredients.

3. Tie the bag and poke 6 holes in the bag.

4. Place in oven 130degreesC.

5. Slow cook 3-4hrs.

6. To test meat: Compress bag with fingers (watch out for pierced holes where the steam escapes) if it feels soft and spongy the meat is ready.

7. Remove from oven. Take pork out of bag, keep warm.

8. Scrape the sauce ingredients into a pot, sop up any liquid fat and discard.

9. Remove apple and replace when serving.

10. Add stock and whisk all the lumps out over a medium heat. Strain if necessary.

11. Add a little water if sauce thickens too much. Skim off any oil/fat visible on top of sauce.

12. Serve the pork (and apple together) with a watercress garnish.

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