Episode 7 - Jo Apanui

Fitness in the Whare Episode 7 Jo Apanui

Type of Exercise: Hula Swag Fitness Poly Stylz

Intensity level: Low impact

Instructor: Jo Apanui with the Hula Swag girls

Bio: Jo Apanui is a mum of 2, grandma of 3 month old triplets and had been instructing Hula Swag for the last three years. She loves seeing the transformation of people who take her class and their enjoyment from moving their hips. The Hula Swag classes are held in Porirua, though instructors have taken a few months off with other family commitments however they are looking to start classes in summer. If you are interested in attending a class please email jo.apanui@hotmail.com or like our facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/FitnessPolyStylz

Check your region for similar Hula classes.

Main exercise moves that feature in this episode:

  • Whatiwhati ngā Hope = Waist and hips action
  • Ami = Hip rotation
  • Aorangi = reaching up to Mt Aorangi
  • Hikurangi = hands angled up to Mt Hiurangi
  • Waka =paddling
  • Pana = pushing your hips forward
  • Waru = moving your hips in a figure 8
  • Whiti te ra = Hands mimicking a sunrise
  • Puti = Flower (placed behind ear)
  • Ka hura = Flowing like the sea
  • Te ngaru o te moana = Waves on the ocean

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