Episode 10 - Patu Aotearoa

Fitness in the Whare Episode 10 Patu Aotearoa

Type of Exercise: Circuit training

Intensity level: Medium impact

Instructor: The Patu Crew: Levi Armstrong, Jackson Waerea and Kia Diamond.

Bio: After working together as personal trainers at a local gym, Levi and Jackson decided to establish a group exercise programme with a difference. Patu Fitness is an initiative to engage with whanau and decrease inactivity rates in New Zealand in particular Maori and Pacific Island people.  The programme is delivered by Maori, for Maori, using Te Ao Maori concepts.

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Main exercise moves that feature in this episode:

Patu training consists of circuit training, body weighted exercises, and interval training.

  • Whātoro = Lunges
  • Pēhinga = Press ups
  • Nonoho = Squats
  • Hiki kupa = Dead lift
  • Mekemeke = Boxing
  • Piupiu = Skipping

- With repetitions a low rep range or a high rep range depends on your fitness goals.

- Low reps (1 – 6) Builds strength. 

- Medium reps (7 to 12) Builds size and strength.

- High reps (12 – 15) Builds endurance.

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