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FIBA World Cup Qualifiers videos.

Whiua Te Paatai, Episode 1

(AO) #whiuatepātai is unafraid to ask the tough questions in this series. 27 speakers are in the hot seat. Can they handle the heat? #Ep1 Love&Sex

Maya The Bee The Honey Games

PREMIERE: An over-enthusiastic bee is forced to unite with a team of misfit bugs and compete in the Honey Games for a chance to save her hive. (2018)

Tōku Reo, Series 1 Episode 1

Tōku Reo is a Māori language learning course designed by Professor John Moorfield. Tōku Reo works with an interactive website to reinforce and encourage further learning. (REPEAT)


PG, . (PG L) A court interpreter in colonial Samoa is faced with the choice to risk everything in order to help a wrongfully convicted chief.

Walk a Mile

PG, . (PG) A grumpy old man lives next door to a noisy family, whom he hates. All he wants is peace and quiet, but when something happens to his neighbours he realises he does care about them.

Troll Hunter

M, Three students go on a journey to investigate the mysterious killing of bears. They decide to unify with the hunter in-charge of the case, only to realise he is a troll hunter. (2010)