(AO) New Zealand's hottest new Māori bilingual series which follows the trials and tribulations of best friends Smooch, Hemi and Geo. Available On Demand to viewers in Australia and NZ. Made with the support of NZ on Air.

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Ahikāroa 2, Episode 11, Dodgy and Dodging

(AO) It's time for Smooch's launch party, but nothing is ever simple. The crew are left feeling uneasy after an unexpected visit, Geo turns to Dylan for solace and Hemi tries to prove himself to Chantelle.

Ahikāroa 2, Episode 5, The Secret

(AO) Chantelle confides in Geo. The spotlight is on Maru when he gives Smooch a hand with her first t-shirt sale. Geo tells Tipene what happened between her and Dylan, but how will he react? Kid is hiding something.

Ahikāroa 2, Episode 3, Sticky Fingers

(AO) Krystal makes herself home in Te Pa after finding herself in trouble but Hemi has his suspicions. Geo decides to give it a go at Tipene's place. Someone has stolen Hemi's stash, who could it be?