(AO) New Zealand's hottest new Māori bilingual series which follows the trials and tribulations of best friends Smooch, Hemi and Geo. Available On Demand to viewers in Australia and NZ. Made with the support of NZ on Air.

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Ahikāroa 2, Episode 24, Snapped

(AO) Things spark up again between Smooch and Maru but they keep it on the down low. Hemi finds his calling. Scamming, scheming ‘Krystal' is at it again but Smooch is hot on her heels.

Ahikāroa 2, Episode 20, Hot Head

(AO) Tension is rising as Geo tries to diffuse the ticking time bomb that is Tipene. Chantelle gives Hemi the upsetting news, and fueled by disappointment and betrayal, Smooch lets rip at the gang pad.

Ahikāroa 2, Episode 19, Twinning

(AO) The truth comes out about 'Krystal', Chantelle mourns her loss, and Maru pays Smooch a visit. His high is short-lived when he gets some disturbing news, and Geo goes to rescue Pania.

Ahikāroa 2, Episode 18, Rehutai

(AO) Geo tries to clean up the mess Tipene made, and cunning Krystal takes things to the next level. Maru is caught between a rock and a hard place trying to protect Smooch.