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  1. Video for Pūrakau, Episode 9

    Pūrakau, Episode 9

    Haara is a woman who talks to birds and lives in the great forest of Puketi. Her closest friends areTui and Kaka, together they find medicinal plants to heal the people.

  2. Video for Pūrakau, Episode 8

    Pūrakau, Episode 8

    Today’s purakau is the Maori story of how geothermal energy came to Aotearoa. We will follow the footsteps of Ngatoro-i-rangi and his sisters Kuiwai and Haungaroa.

  3. Video for Pūrakau, Episode 7

    Pūrakau, Episode 7

    Today’s pūrākau takes place in the far north. It is the legend of Rāhiri, his sons and the sacred kite known as Tūhoronuku.

  4. Video for Pūrakau, Episode 6

    Pūrakau, Episode 6

    Today’s pūrākau is about the heroine Wairaka and the events around how Whakatāne township was named.

  5. Video for Pūrākau, Episode 5

    Pūrākau, Episode 5

    Today we journey with Kahupeka, a healer from the Waikato region who many places were named after.

  6. Video for Pūrākau, Episode 4

    Pūrākau, Episode 4

    Today's pūrākau is about one of the most precious treasures of Aotearoa, the pounamu, commonly known as greenstone. This is the story of the beautiful Waitaiki and the taniwha Poutini.

  7. Video for Purākau, Episode 3

    Purākau, Episode 3

    Today we meet the ancestor of Waitākere in west Auckland, known as Tiriwa. Be mesmerised by the magical powers of Tiriwa and learn about one of the most famous islands in the Hauraki Gulf.

  8. Video for Purākau, Episode 2

    Purākau, Episode 2

    Today, Pūrākau takes us to the south island of Aotearoa, to the legend of Rākaihautū and his digging tool.

  9. Video for Pūrākau, Episode 1

    Pūrākau, Episode 1

    Todays episode is the story of how the name ‘Hokianga Whakapau Karakia’ came to be.

  10. Video for Ka Pai Living, Episode 8

    Ka Pai Living, Episode 8

    Our two hosts Karen & Kyle have been at war for the entire series. With both of their careers on the line and no gurantees of a new contracts in 2021, who will survive this battle of attrit

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