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  1. Video for Native Affairs – Legal Claim

    Native Affairs – Legal Claim

    A Treaty of Waitangi Claim has been lodged against the New Zealand Justice System, seeking redress for bias and institutional racism. It's been promoted by a man once charged with manslaughter who was looking at a life sentence in prison.

  2. Video for Performing Arts has positive impact on Ngāwhā Prison inmates

    Performing Arts has positive impact on Ngāwhā Prison inmates

    A Northland Region Corrections facility says performing arts is having a positive impact on the lives of inmates at Ngāwhā prison. Over the past year inmates have been recreating plays by William Shakespeare.

  3. Video for Effect of Māori in prisons similar to WWII losses

    Effect of Māori in prisons similar to WWII losses

    A former prison worker says the generation of Māori men lost to prisons is similar to the losses Māori experienced during WW2.

  4. Video for Abuse of Aborigines nothing new

    Abuse of Aborigines nothing new

    An Aboriginal leader says the abuse of young boys in Australian custody is nothing new. Kyle Slabb from the Bunkulung tribe in the Gold Coast is one of the few who isn’t shocked by the disturbing footage released on the ABC network programme, Four Corners, this week.

  5. Video for Prisons are a place of crime not rehabilitation - Workman

    Prisons are a place of crime not rehabilitation- Workman

    A Māori academic is calling for a Royal Commission of Inquiry into New Zealand's criminal justice system. Kim Workman made his recommendations at an urgent hearing of the Waitangi Tribunal discussing Māori incarceration rates.

  6. Video for Time to abolish prisons - Moana Jackson

    Time to abolish prisons- Moana Jackson

    Māori Law academic Moana Jackson is calling for the abolition of prisons in NZ and says Ngāti Kahungunu would set up their own system to deal with tribal members that commit crime. Jackson presented his evidence at an urgent hearing before the Waitangi Tribunal over the alleged failure by the government to address the high Māori prison population.

  7. Video for Māori academic criticises prison policy at urgent hearing

    Māori academic criticises prison policy at urgent hearing

    A Māori academic has called past government policies racist and a contributing factor to the high population of Māori in prisons.  Dr Rawiri Waretini-Karena presented evidence in an urgent hearing to the Waitangi Tribunal addressing the Crown's failure to reduce the Māori prison population. 

  8. Video for Turia calls Collins ignorant

    Turia calls Collins ignorant

    Dame Tariana Turia has hit out at the decision by the Department of Corrections to stand down a volunteer with alleged gang connections. 58-year old Ngapari Nui had worked as a kaiwhakamana supporting Māori in prisons.

  9. Video for Gangs in prison - Native Affairs Investigation

    Gangs in prison- Native Affairs Investigation

    The Sensible Sentencing Trust (SST) is calling for an investigation into whether active gang members are visiting prisoners inside New Zealand’s Corrections Facilities.  Scott Guthrie from the SST told Maori Television’s Native Affairs reporter, Oriini Tipene-Leach, that the Department of Corrections had initially denied that gangs had access to prisoners.  But Mr Guthrie said he now has irrefutable evidence to show otherwise. 

  10. Video for Driving lessons for offenders

    Driving lessons for offenders

    With more than 10,000 offenders getting a community work sentence for driving offences, the Department of Corrections sees helping them to get their license as the key to significantly reduce re-offending, and that's exactly what is happening in Hawke's Bay.

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