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    Matangireia will provide new and compelling insights into the most challenging moments of six political careers, with former politicians opening up about their biggest regrets, their darkest days and their moments of triumph. Not Available On Demand.

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    Election Aotearoa 2017

    Māori Television’s in depth, comprehensive analysis of the elections, Māori electorates and Māori voters. Tuesdays, 8pm.

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    The Political Game

    Designed to bring a greater understanding of what our Members do on our behalf in the New Zealand Parliament.

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    Native Affairs

    Māori Television’s award-winning current affairs series Native Affairs, for more news from a “native” perspective. Mondays, 8.00pm.

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    Te Ao- Māori News

    Te Ao - your leading Māori news provider bringing you the latest news as it happens, straight to your device. Our team is focused on delivering a more inclusive approach to Māori news by connecting directly to our communities, Te Ao Māori.  

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