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    Troy Kingi and the Elusive Ghosts

    A behind-the-scenes look at the creative process and inspiration behind Troy Kingi’s most personal album to date - Troy Kingi & the Elusive Ghosts – followed by Troy Kingi & The Clutch – The Ghost of Freddie Cesar.

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    KORIHI is a two hour music competition where the audience votes for their favourite Singer.

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    Waiata Nation

    Follows twelve top emerging Māori music artists as they embark on a journey to try create their own individual single to hit the New Zealand music charts next number 1 spot.

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    Pao Pao Pao- Between the Lines

    A edgy new youth web series profiling 15 Rangatahi Māori who dream of becoming a professional music artist. Web series exclusive, available on Demand.

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    The Koi Boys

    The Koi Boys burst into the nations consciousness after their first appearance on The Voice Australia back in 2016, delighting audiences in NZ and Australia to this day.

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    Our Songs

    Our Songs is a music series featuring indigenous singers from all around the world, presented by Robynleigh Emery-Cowan.

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    Kia Mau!

    A fun sing along, instructional, Māori Performing Arts series.  Season 2 has all the fun of the first season and so much more!  Featuring 14 waiata and haka, while teaching fundamental lessons surrounding Kapa Haka in 100% Te Reo Māori.

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    Celebrity Playlist

    Celebrity Playlist is a music series that features some of New Zealand’s most famous faces sharing stories and their favourite music videos.

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    Waiata Mai

    Waiata Mai is an under 5 years pre-school puppet TV Series set in Te Wao Nui ā Tāne. 

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    My Party Song

    My Party Song brings the party to your living room along with your favourite Māori song birds, The Modern Māori Quartet. 

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