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    Matariki i te pō

    Experience the magic of Matariki i te pō with a selection of new waiata from award-winning musician, Maisey Rika. 

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    Te Iwa o Matariki

    According to Dr Rangi Mātāmua, in the Māori tradition, there are nine starts, both female and male.  Our ancestors would look to Matariki to see what the year ahead would bring.

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    Beyond Matariki

    Join Professor Rangi Matamua as he explores the depth of knowledge that pertains to Māori astronomy. 

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    Matariki Awards 2016

    The Awards celebrate outstanding Māori success and achievement in a range of fields.

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    Matariki Awards 2017

    Matariki Awards 2017 recognise and celebrate outstanding Māori excellence and success in seven fields during 2016. 

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    Romeo and Juliet

    The World’s greatest love story performed in Te Reo Māori. 

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    Matariki Magic

    Matariki Magic, celebrates the Māori New Year, with a journey to find those people and events that celebrate our New Year. Each week, the upbeat series will showcase the work of local heroes in our communities and look at the Matariki festivals happening around the country.

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