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    Kai Safari

    This series takes us to some of New Zealand's most remote and spectacular corners of the country.  Sonia and Pio will be there to share stories, sing a song and highlight the history and passion from our local communities.  On Demand available only in Aotearoa

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    Ngā Tāngata Taumata Rau, Aotearoa

    In this series of Ngā Tāngata Taumata Rau – Aotearoa, Mere McLean, Stephanie Tibble & Maria Huata unravel wonderful characters, anecdotes and Māori practices.

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    Matangi Rau

    Jeremy Tātere MacLeod talks with kaumātua from Wairoa to Wairarapa

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    Koroua is a series of conversations profiling some of our last remaining koroua.

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    Kuia will take us back to their younger days, they will tell of a time when electricity was a rarity.

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    Ngā Pari Kārangaranga

    This series of over 100 half hour programmes, is by iwi, for iwi and about iwi. Covering a range of subjects, from tribal histories, stories, myths and legends, this series has been made specifically for Te Reo channel. "The echoing voices from the mountains."

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