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    Exotic Delights

    Join chef Lance Seeto on a journey to rediscover the foods of life as he combines ancient gastronomy and his knowledge of medicinal foods with a whole new world of flavours to not only help correct the dietary mistakes of the past, but to get to think differently about the food you put on your plate.

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    On Country Kitchen

    A series with a delicious twist of Western Australia produce, characters and adventures with cultural man and comic Derek Nannup as our tour guide, and one of a kind Indigenous Chef 'The Black Olive', Mark Olive turning fresh produce into mouth-watering dishes.

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    Quick Kai with Jay & Sarah

    Jay and Sarah deliver the best lifestyle options for their whānau and ours, with a bunch of healthy, tasty treats and recipes that are perfect for those on the go.

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    Whānau Kai

    Warm natured, slice of daily life cooking show, where Reikura and her three tamariki serve up kai made from the heart, which tastes great, looks great and is easy to make.

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    Sachie's Kitchen

    Sachie Nomura dives into a culinary adventure across Japan and inspires viewers with authentic yet simple-to-make dishes. 

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    Tradition on a Plate

    Monique and Henry, from My Kitchen Rules, return to our screens for a deliciously entertaining series serving up tradition on a plate.

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    Native Kitchen

    Eight trainee chefs from around the country travel to Rotorua for a 2 week mentoring boot camp with chef Peter Gordon.

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    Whānau Living

    Whānau Living focuses on Stacey Morrison's personal journey of discovery and how to balance a busy lifestyle.

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    Get Your Fish On

    Get Your Fish On is an entertaining way to soak up the language, learn new kupu about fishing and see some of the countries biggest fishing fanatics go head to head on the moana!

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    Marae Kai Masters

    Marae teams from across New Zealand turn up the heat in this competitive cooking show.

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