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    Black Comedy

    (M) A sketch comedy show by Blackfellas, for everyone. Featuring an ensemble cast of Indigenous writers and performers and many special guest cameo appearances as well. 

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    Haka Pedia

    Haka fans compete against haka experts using their knowledge on everything kapa haka.

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    The Adventures of Suzy Boon

    Follows the misadventures of our hero, Suzy, who is trying to find where she belongs in New Zealand. 

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    Hari with the Māori Side Steps

    Cohen Holloway, Jamie McCaskill, Erroll Anderson, Regan Taylor are The Māori Sidesteps.  A hilarious, widely known and respected group of talented Māori performing artists who have lit up the stage up and down the country and also on social media.

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    Ka Pai Living

    Ka Pai Living is a parody of all lifestyle TV shows in NZ - in particular the well known 'Whānau Living' and 'Kiwi Living'. 

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    Takes a Village

    (M) A Māori former table tennis champ and his Italian trophy wife wait out their fall from grace by running a kaupapa Māori community centre.  When an ambitious Pākehā councillor threatens to close this anchor for the local Māori community, our hero is forced to choose between a return to his glamorous former life, or his people.  On Demand video available globally. 

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    Tongue Tied

    Tongue Tied is a comedy series where te reo has never been so much fun to learn. 

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    Funny Whare

    Hilarious game show hosted by Stacey Morrison with team captains Te Arahi Maipi and Kimo Houltham. On Demand available to viewers in Australia and NZ.

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    The Ring INZ

    Haka group Tūturu Whakamaua Kia Tina (Turuz) aren't the best group in Aotearoa, in fact they're pretty average.

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    Aroha Bridge

    Musical twins Kowhai and Monty are determined to make it in Aroha Bridge; the only thing standing in their way is their multi-cultural whānau.

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