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    Pacific Island community celebrates start of Tuvalu Language Week

    For the more than 4,500 Tuvaluans throughout Aotearoa, it is a time to celebrate their language and culture.

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    Pasifika leaders determined to protect Māori/Pasifika from Coronavirus

    The Pacific Leadership Forum, a council of leaders from the Pacific community are determined to stop the spread of COVID-19. They recognise that their ethnicities are at the highest risk from this virus, and the possible effects of it on Māori. Teleiai Edwin Puni, chairman of the Forum explains: “It is a responsible action by our Pacific [communities]. Because we live closely with our Māori whānau(s), in the same neighbourhood(s). “By being responsible with the prevention and the readiness, it also protects our Māori and the people of Aotearoa.”

  3. Video for Tuvalu culture alive and thriving in Aotearoa

    Tuvalu culture alive and thriving in Aotearoa

    Over 3500 Tuvalu descendants live in New Zealand.  According to the 2013 census, a large majority live in Auckland.  One member of the Auckland Tuvalu society says the culture is alive and thriving.

  4. Tuvalu Village, Pasifika 2015 - Photo / file

    Tuvalu culture and language holds strong in Auckland

    The Tuvalu language and culture is alive and thriving says Sagaa Malua from Auckland Tuvalu Community Trust.  Tuvalu Language week has kicked off today around the country.

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    Tuvalu Language Week highlights importance of Ianguage retention in Pacific

    This week marks Tuvalu Language Week for 2015, and this year's theme is "Tau gana ko tou IIoga – Language is your identity".

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