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    I’m immunocompromised: is the Covid-19 vaccine right for me?

    The vaccine may not work as well in people with compromised immune systems - but it’s still safe to have and will continue to offer some protection in most people.

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    Can a 12-year-old give consent for the Covid-19 vaccine?

    Access to the highest standard of healthcare is a human right in New Zealand. This includes access to vaccines. But what rights do children have if their parents don’t want them to be vaccinated against Covid-19?

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    What would a Delta outbreak look like with higher vaccination rates?

    Modelling shows higher vaccination rates would slash deaths and hospitalisations in a Delta outbreak.

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    How to interpret reports of adverse events following immunisation to the Covid-19 vaccine

    Anyone can report an adverse event occurring after having a Covid-19 vaccine - which means you should take the numbers being shared online with a grain of salt.

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    Covid-19 is more likely to cause myocarditis than the vaccine is

    The Whole Truth: Covid-19 Vaccination | By Stuff senior reporter Nikki Macdonald.

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    Worried about vaccine administration errors? You shouldn't be

    The Whole Truth: Covid-19 Vaccination | By Stuff senior writer Nikki Macdonald. Ever forgotten when you took your last panadol, and accidentally doubled up?

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    Covid vaccines, health insurance and ACC: yes, you’re covered

    ACC will cover the cost of your treatment in the rare case of a vaccine injury - and the vaccine won’t invalidate your health insurance.

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    The case for vaccinating children and teenagers

    Millions of children aged 12 to 15 around the world have already had the Pfizer vaccine. Now it’s the turn of Kiwi kids.

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    How well does the vaccine protect you against Delta?

    Vaccinated people can still get Covid - but the vaccine slashes the risk of serious illness, even with the Delta variant.

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    Why the time between Covid-19 vaccinations is being doubled

    A longer gap marginally improves the vaccine's effectiveness. But the greater prize is getting more jabs in more arms, sooner.

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