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    Covid-19: 20,907 cases, 15 deaths

    Health Director-General Dr Ashley Bloomfield has reported 20,907 Covid-19 cases today, with a seven-day rolling average of new cases at 17,020.

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    Covid-19 hospitalisations reach 1,000; 14,463 new cases

    A new record has now been reached, with exactly 1,000 people with Covid-19 being hospitalised, the Ministry of Health said today.

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    9 deaths, 957 in hospital

    There are 12,020 new community cases today and a further nine deaths of people with Covid-19, after 10 deaths on Saturday.

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    939 in hospital, 10 further deaths

    The Health Ministry is reporting 18,514 new community cases today and says 10 deaths of people with Covid-19  have been formally reported in the past 24 hours.

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    14,128 community cases; five Covid deaths; huge drop in active cases due to definition change

    Health Ministry associate chief clinical officer Dr Anthony Jordan has reported 14,128 new community cases of Covid-19, another decline in case numbers for the Omicron outbreak today.

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    19,566 new cases; 10 Covid-19 related deaths

    Today's new case numbers are nearly identical to those reported yesterday (19,542), with 19,566 community cases confirmed by the Ministry of Health.

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    19,542 new cases; 24 Covid-related deaths

    Along with the Ministry of Health reporting 19,542 new community cases of Covid today, it is also reporting 24 deaths.

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    21,616 new Covid cases; 960 in hospitals

    Health Director-General Dr Ashley Bloomfield has reported 21,616 new community cases of Covid-19 today.

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    15,540 new Covid cases; two deaths; hospitalisations near 1000

    The Ministry of Health has reported 15,540 new community cases of Covid-19.

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    896 in hospital; eight more deaths

    There are 14,494 new community cases today, and eight further Covid-19 related deaths.

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