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    Shepherds Reign fans unaware of the bands diverse whakapapa

    South Auckland metal band Shepherds Reign continues to be called a Samoan band despite it having Māori band members. The video for their new single, Le Manu, performed in the Samoan language, has only reinforced the misconception. Online metal critic “Poss the Boss” proclaimed after hearing Le Manu, “Behold the power of Samoan/Polymetal!” YouTube user Erma Cardenas after seeing the music video says, “Samoan Island Metal.” Such sentiments are typical of the new fanbase that the band have created. Heavy Metal is a music genre often associated with Pākehā demographics despite having a large dedicated Polynesian following.

  2. Video for South Auckland community welcomes homeless lockers

    South Auckland community welcomes homeless lockers

    A South Auckland community is welcoming an initiative led by high school students to install storage lockers for the homeless as winter approaches. Six lockers created as a class project by Manurewa High youth have found a home at the office of the local MP.

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