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  1. Video for Maikuku pleads not guilty

    Maikuku pleads not guilty

    20-year-old Jackie Maikuku will defend all charges against him after he allegedly assaulted Kawhia's lone police officer earlier this year and his parents are pointing the finger at police.

  2. Video for An insight into Te Iti Kahurangi

    An insight into Te Iti Kahurangi

    In the ten short years since Waikato-based group Te Iti Kahurangi began, they've fulfilled the aspirations long desired by their tutors and leaders.

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    Waikato's mountain of tyres

    Waikato may have acquired its newest mountain, but it's not created from the earth.  It's actually man-made, and it's a mountain of close to a million tyres. The community is directing its anger squarely at the man responsible for the pile, as they seek a resolution to the environmental concern.

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