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    Australia Day: Represents ongoing pain and suffering- Aboriginal Academic

    An Aboriginal academic from the Wiradjuri nation supports the call to change the date of Australia Day. January 26th was chosen because it marks the arrival of the First Fleet of British ships to Pork Jackson (modern day Sydney). Dr Jessa Rogers-Metuamate (Ngāti Wiradjuri) explains why this day, is a painful day for her people.

  2. Video for "I feel the love they have for the land,” says Māori teacher as indigenous Australian nations dance as one

    "I feel the love they have for the land,” says Māori teacher as indigenous Australian nations dance as one

    A Māori teacher became the student as her host nation, the people of Yolngu Nation, danced on Milingimbi Island in Australia's Northern Territory as part of a special indigenous Nation Dance earlier this month. 

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    Māori culture secret to tackling Indigenous All Stars

    Māori All Stars rugby league coach David Kidwell says Māori culture is the key factor that will unite his players in the build-up to their match against the Indigenous All Stars in the new year.

  4. Video for Māori set to fight fire with fire

    Māori set to fight fire with fire

    The Australia bushfire death toll has risen to four as a result of more than 100 bushfires raging across two states. On Tuesday New Zealand deployed two firefighter crews to Queensland. A second call for assistance has come through with New Zealand Forestry Protection Service preparing to deploy teams with expertise in fire protection.

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    International group wants indigenous player in Aussie netball squad by next World Cup

    A UK group empowering women in sports is pushing Netball Australia to select an indigenous player by the next Netball World Cup in 2023 after reading a story broken by Te Ao Māori News.

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    Australian netball coach calls for more indigenous players in her squad

     Australian netball coach Lisa Alexander has spoken out about the lack of diversity in her national side and wants to see more women of colour on the court.

  7. Video for "They are still squatting on our lands" - Aboriginal reaction to Cook

    "They are still squatting on our lands"- Aboriginal reaction to Cook

    Indigenous Australians, unsurprisingly, are not welcoming a AUD$50mil federal government-funded memorial to Captain Cook or the AUD$7mil circumnavigation of their country by a replica of the Endeavour.

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    Non-indigenous company profiting from Aboriginal flag sparks controversy

    Indigenous Australians are hot under the collar about a non-indigenous company profiting from a flag that's become a much-loved symbol of Aboriginal identity.

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    Pregnant Aboriginal woman's strip search and lock up 'appalling'

    The arrest, strip search and lock up of a pregnant Aboriginal alleged survivor of domestic violence has Western Australian authorities appalled and the young mother in tears.

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    Indigenous Australians minister, at last Aboriginal

    An indigenous Australian is Minister of Indigenous Australians for the first time in the country's history.

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