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  1. Video for Orlando


    After Queen Elizabeth I commands him not to grow old, a young nobleman struggles with love and his place in the world. (1992)

  2. Video for Waiata Anthems, Episode 6

    Waiata Anthems, Episode 6

    Che Fu's song, Fade Away, written to honour a friendship, becomes a waiata of remembrance, 20 years since its release.

  3. Video for Waiata Anthems, Episode 5

    Waiata Anthems, Episode 5

    Translating his well-known song into Māori pushes Avondale rapper MELODOWNZ beyond his comfort zone and deep into a life-changing family discovery he knew nothing about.

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    My Māori Midwife

    My Māori Midwives, aim to empower women and offer traditional cultural practices to assist families on one of the most significant experiences of their life.

  5. Video for Waiata Anthems, Episode 4

    Waiata Anthems, Episode 4

    Bic Runga shines light on her shadowed past of racial struggles, speaking for the first time about a defining moment when she felt the country had turned on her.

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    Toi te Ora

    This new lifestyle series is a fun, entertaining and yet very informative guide to day to day life.

  7. Video for Waiata Anthems, Episode 3

    Waiata Anthems, Episode 3

    Following global success, Drax Project find a deeper connection with Aotearoa. Opening their hearts to the sounds of taonga pūoro, the band come to harness the true power of waiata reo Māori.

  8. The Weight of Elephants

    (M) The sensitive, bullied and lonely Adrian (10) is living with his grandmother and sick uncle. He finds a friendship with a new mysterious neighbor Nicole (10). Is she one of the abducted children that they keep talking about on TV?

  9. Shows

    Moon Tide Fishing

    A presenter-driven lifestyle series that celebrates fishing in alignment with Maramataka - the Māori lunar calendar.  

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    Soul Sessions

    A show exploring Pacific Gospel through Kiwi musicians. Presented by Sara-Jane Elika.

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