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  1. Video for Gowns and Geysers, Episode 7

    Gowns and Geysers, Episode 7

    It’s the 11th hour and someone’s pageant journey is about to be derailed amidst rumours and allegations of gown slashing.

  2. Video for Tamaiti Tū Winter, Episode 4

    Tamaiti Tū Winter, Episode 4

    Under the watchful gaze of the mountain ranges, young Māori boys navigate their way through winter mahi. Today: Koro Noel gets the boys to help feed the lambs and smoke the eels.

  3. Video for Daddys' Girl Kōtiro

    Daddys' Girl Kōtiro

    (PG VL) Te Puhi prepares herself for the toughest day of her life as the harsh reality of her father's dementia forces her to face the painful truth that she must let go of her daddy. 'Dadd

  4. Video for Laundry


    (MSL) A happily married woman struggles to find any sort of intimacy as she tries her best to raise a family.

  5. Video for Money Honey

    Money Honey

    (PG L) Stuck in the middle of Auckland's housing crisis, two young hustlers discover some money and try to double it in the hope of buying an epic sandwich.

  6. Video for Aitu


    (M) While traveling at night Niwa and her father are pulled over by a cop. They stop in a tapu (forbidden) area that is home to an aitu (malevolent spirit) who sees his chance for revenge.

  7. Video for Twenty One Points

    Twenty One Points

    (ML) Josh Thomson and Robyn Malcolm star in this buddy movie about a grown man, his imaginary friend, and his mum who are all having a particularly challenging day.

  8. Video for Lifted, Episode 1

    Lifted, Episode 1

    PREMIERE: Hosted by singer-songwriter Riapo Panapa, revealing the story and unique creative process behind the Kiwi tracks that are dominating our airwaves this year. This week Mikey Dam.

  9. Video for Someday Stories 6, Hand in Hand

    Someday Stories 6, Hand in Hand

    (PG) At a 1970’s NZ school where sign language is banned, two deaf girls risk it all to experience true friendship.

  10. Video for Pūkana 2022, Episode 28

    Pūkana 2022, Episode 28

    New characters, comedy and competitions in this colourful, hip and funny show for tamariki and rangatahi. Presented by Niua, Western and Amo.

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