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  1. Video for The Factory musical

    The Factory musical

    The first ever Pacific musical is being staged at the Auckland Arts Festival, which kicks off next week.  It showcases some of NZ's rising stars with Taupunakohe Tocker performing under the musical direction of Tama Waipara.  

  2. Video for Beat Nation art exhibition

    Beat Nation art exhibition

    Throughout the world, the history of indigenous peoples is portrayed in art exhibitions.  Just like our own artists here, a group in Canada are showing their works at an exhibition that doubles as a platform for youth issues.

  3. Video for Teen blames Police for loss of teeth

    Teen blames Police for loss of teeth

    15-year-old Ella Eketone is recovering at home today minus two front teeth. After she claims she was pushed to the ground by police after a party she was attending over the weekend got out of hand.

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