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  1. Video for Maikuku pleads not guilty

    Maikuku pleads not guilty

    20-year-old Jackie Maikuku will defend all charges against him after he allegedly assaulted Kawhia's lone police officer earlier this year and his parents are pointing the finger at police.

  2. Video for Brutal force a common theme in Fiji

    Brutal force a common theme in Fiji

    Amnesty International have said that the recent Fiji torture footage is just one of many that have been brought to its attention since 2006.  One Fijian family who now lives in New Zealand, say fear and intimidation is rife in Fiji.

  3. Video for Moerewa community seeks resolution

    Moerewa community seeks resolution

    A committee has been formed to address the needs of the Moerewa community following a recent night of terror with gunfire in the streets and a stabling alleged to be gang related.

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