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    5000 fruit and vege boxes supplied to whānau during COVID-19

    The 120,000 tamariki who received free fruit and veges in schools before the lockdown have not been forgotten. The 5+ A Day Charitable Trust partnered with the Ministry of Health to deliver fruit and veges to schools will now send 5000 boxes of fruit and veges a week to the community.

  2. Video for Māori businesses to benefit from new food labelling bill

    Māori businesses to benefit from new food labelling bill

    Customers will soon know how far their apples fall from the tree with the passing of the Consumers' Right to Know (Country of Origin of Food) Bill.  The bill introduces mandatory labelling to inform consumers where their meat, fruit, seafood and vegetables come from.

  3. Tanna Chicken

    Peter retires to the black sand of a Tanna beach and starts cooking his final dish in Vanuatu, an experimental recipe he’s called ‘Tanna Chicken’, inspired by the area. Peter stuffs and marinates a whole chicken, wraps it in some black sand and cooks it slowly in a fire on the beach. 

  4. Tornodos Rossini

    Chef Anne Thorp prepares simple and delicious meals using the freshest produce New Zealand has on offer. Today, Anne prepares Beef Wellington, Carpet bag Steak and Tornodos Rossini.

  5. Boned Leg of Lamb with Honey Apricot Herb Stuffing, Roast Root Vegetables & Pan Gravy on display

    Boned Leg of Lamb with Honey Apricot Herb Stuffing, Roast Root Vegetables & Pan Gravy

    Today, Anne prepares a Boned Leg of Lamb, Wild Peppercorn in a Bag as well as Steamed Terahiki and Panfried Trevally. 

  6. Melanzane Ripiene (Stuffed Eggplant) presented on a plate

    Melanzane Ripiene (Stuffed Eggplant)

    Sean Connolly is invited to a very special weekend four generations of the Pacialeo family who get together each year in late Summer for a weekend of tomato bottling.  The women spend the day using unchanged techniques as the prepare Calabrian recipes that have been past down through many generations.

  7. Ep 12- Salmon Ceviche

    Ngatiira says her mum was a caterer, famous for her outstanding kai. Ngatiira would like to make her whānau and community proud with Rex’s help. Tonight: Salmon cerviche and pavlova with a twist.

  8. Hāngi

    Ep 7- Hāngi

    Katarina is always doing fundraisers with kai and her aim is to do another with a hāngi. Mince balls, stuffing with horopito butter and steamed pudding are the highlights.

  9. Plate of hangi

    Episode 3- Heke Hāngī

    The days of 8 hour hāngī are over. Henry and Monique literally bring the stones from outside… inside, to cook a hāngī within two hours delivering the smell, the flavour and the nostalgia that will leave you wanting more.

  10. Crushed potatoes displayed in a bowl on the bench

    Ep 3- Crushed Potatoes, Buttered Cabbage & Spinach- Parareka Pēpē, Kāpeti Pata me te Rengamutu

    Jennifer Hussey wants to prepare a meal for the homeless and learn about healthy meals on a tight budget. Rex’s menu includes venison stew, buttered cabbage and fry bread with caramelised pears.

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