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    Philip Morris NZ official statement to Te Ao with Moana

    Māori Television's current affairs programme Te Ao with Moana invited Philip Morris New Zealand corporate communications manager Peata Melbourne to appear on the programme, but she declined and provided this statement.

  2. Video for Vaping - 'It's attacking & attracting our rangatahi'

    Vaping- 'It's attacking & attracting our rangatahi'

    Two Māori health advocates are arguing that tobacco companies are merely diversifying to protect their profits by promoting vaping and are especially hard marketing to teenagers and Māori communities.

  3. Video for Vaping - "It may not be healthy at all"

    Vaping- "It may not be healthy at all"

    A former public relations expert says vaping is being allowed to take rapid hold in New Zealand because big tobacco companies are pitching it as a healthy alternative to smoking, when it may not be healthy at all.

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    Smoke-free sector criticises "vaper-bashing"

    A Whanganui Chronicle opinion piece which criticises Ministry of Health vaping recommendations has come under fire from community members and the smoke-free sector.

  5. Video for Scientist warns NZ of vaping hazards

    Scientist warns NZ of vaping hazards

    One scientist currently visiting Aotearoa is warning of the potential hazards of vaping. Dr Peace Michelle says while e-cigarettes may be "healthier" than normal cigarettes, that doesn't mean they are "healthy".

  6. Video for The new quit smoking vaping app

    The new quit smoking vaping app

    QWIT is a newly established company which is promoting a new vaping device and app they say will help people to quit smoking.  

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