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  1. Video for Māori Covid cases rise - race on to vaccinate

    Māori Covid cases rise- race on to vaccinate

    The race is on between rising Māori cases and vaccination in Tāmaki.

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    Dr Rawiri Taonui: Total Māori cases pass Pākehā

    Report by Māori health researcher Dr Rawiri Taonui, in partnership with Te Ao Māori News. Māori cases

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    Can a 12-year-old give consent for the Covid-19 vaccine?

    Access to the highest standard of healthcare is a human right in New Zealand. This includes access to vaccines. But what rights do children have if their parents don’t want them to be vaccinated against Covid-19?

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    What would a Delta outbreak look like with higher vaccination rates?

    Modelling shows higher vaccination rates would slash deaths and hospitalisations in a Delta outbreak.

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    How to interpret reports of adverse events following immunisation to the Covid-19 vaccine

    Anyone can report an adverse event occurring after having a Covid-19 vaccine - which means you should take the numbers being shared online with a grain of salt.

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    Muriwhenua kura lead vaccination drive

    Muriwhenua Kura Kaupapa Māori whānau encouraged to get Covid-19 vaccination.

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    A drive to save lives

    Off-road treks and hikes were not a barrier to getting the vaccine to 30 Māori and Pacific Island whānau in remote Tai Tokerau kāinga.

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    ‘Oh, heck no!’ Government denies 'failure' of Māori vaccine rollout

    The government has defended itself against claims the Māori Covid-19 vaccination rollout has been a failure.

  9. Video for Who is vaccinating the homeless?

    Who is vaccinating the homeless?

    They are some of Aotearoa's most vulnerable whānau and, if the vaccination numbers of Auckland's homeless community are anything to go by, the most vulnerable may also be the most susceptible.

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