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    Tsunami alert: Ahipara coastal residents wake after ‘scary’ night

    Ahipara resident Lennox Goodhue-Wikitera says a massive wave swept over the road at about 8.30pm yesterday. Photo / Ahiparadise Photography. By Ben Leahy, NZ Herald

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    Super Rugby launches 'Tries for Tonga' relief fundraiser

    Every try in the respective Super Rugby and Super Rugby Aupiki competitions will contribute to more than the scoreboard, with New Zealand Rugby and Rugby Australia teaming up with their respective

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    Vodafone’s Te Rourou Foundation and Red Cross join forces to provide relief to Tonga

    The Red Cross and Vodafone New Zealand have teamed up to help whānau affected by the volcanic eruption and tsunami in Tonga almost two weeks ago,

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    Aid mission to Tonga amid 'limited' communications

    The NZ government has been urgently attempting to gather information about the situation on the ground in Tonga since the eruption in Hunga-Tonga-Hunga-Ha'apai 65km north of Nuku'alofa, Prime Minis

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    No tsunami threat to New Zealand following earthquake in Alaska Peninsula

    Civil Defence has indicated that there is no tsunami threat to New Zealand, following an earthquake in the Alaska Peninsula.

  6. Video for Preparing for the next earthquake or tsunami warning

    Preparing for the next earthquake or tsunami warning

    Students at Kaiti School are being drilled in earthquake emergency procedures.

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    ‘All the birds just left’ – the earthquake that forced people off the coasts this morning

    Kiwis evacuated on hills above their towns have been asked to wait for the tsunami alert all-clear - possibly as late as this afternoon.

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    Lower East Coast 'bumper to bumper' as they evacuate

    Now, evacuees have been told to wait for a tsunami all-clear.

  9. Video for Tsunami evacuation warning for East Coast and more areas

    Tsunami evacuation warning for East Coast and more areas

    A magnitude 8.1 earthquake struck northeast of New Zealand near the Kermadec Islands. The East Coast has evacuated - and more areas named.

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