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  1. Video for Someday Stories - Waitress

    Someday Stories- Waitress

    A waitress finds herself unable to speak up when put in a harmful situation by a customer in a position of power.

  2. Video for Someday Stories - Serving

    Someday Stories- Serving

    A young lawyer is asked to serve legal documents in a case she knows nothing about and realises she might be more culpable than she hoped.

  3. Video for Someday Stories - Blue Ecks

    Someday Stories- Blue Ecks

    When countless new tenants show up in his apartment, introverted Blue Ecks fights to preserve his privacy and keep his cactus alive.

  4. Video for Someday Stories - Nest 38

    Someday Stories- Nest 38

    A pair of banded dotterels attempt to defy the odds to raise their chicks on a surprisingly hostile New Zealand beach, as their self-appointed guardian; Aisla watches on.

  5. Video for Someday Stories - Aute

    Someday Stories- Aute

    Aute explores the importance of preserving indigenous rituals and maintaining a harmonious relationship between land and tangata whenua.

  6. Video for Someday Stories - Alice?

    Someday Stories- Alice?

    A starry-eyed plus size teenager actively re-imagines the world around her as she encounters first love and first heartbreak.

  7. Video for Someday Stories 3, 2 D Love

    Someday Stories 3, 2 D Love

    A young Kiwi fed up with dating falls in love with a two-dimensional character from his favourite anime show.

  8. Video for Someday Stories 3, Sons of Blackbird

    Someday Stories 3, Sons of Blackbird

    As history trickles down the bloodlines and onto the production line, spoken word poem Blackbird speaks to the struggles of the minimum wage labour.

  9. Video for Someday Stories 3, The Social

    Someday Stories 3, The Social

    Finn is not ready to kiss a girl, so when forced to attend his first high school disco, he must avoid his friend's pressure to "get with" one to keep his true feelings safe.

  10. Video for Someday Stories 3, Super Special

    Someday Stories 3, Super Special

    In the midst of her first period, a quiet resilient young girl must choose between a surprise for her beloved little brother or buying pads for herself.

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