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  1. Video for He Amorangi - Components of the waiata-a-ringa

    He Amorangi- Components of the waiata-a-ringa

    Prolific composer and kapa haka exponent Kuini Moehau has judged the waiata-a-ringa discipline for over 40-years. She says there is an art to executing a successful waiata-a-ringa and shares her tips with Te Kāea.

  2. Video for He Amorangi – Secrets of the Poi

    He Amorangi – Secrets of the Poi

    Te Kāea speaks with expert judges from each discipline leading up to Te Matatini 2017.  We begin with Ngamoni Huata who is renowned for her contribution to upholding and maintaining the traditions of poi.  She will be adjudicating this particular discipline at this year’s Te Matatini.  

  3. Video for He Amorangi - Fulfilling a grandfather's parting wish

    He Amorangi- Fulfilling a grandfather's parting wish

    Tatana, Tame-Hoake and Hamiora Tuari are performers of Te Waihirere Māori Club. Tutored by well-known Haka experts Tangiwai and George Ria, the group are five time champions of the Duncan McIntyre trophy. The three brothers are upholding the legacy of their late grandfather Jock Tuari, who is an original member of Te Waihirere Māori Club. His parting wish was for his grandchildren to renew the family name in the club. 

  4. Video for He Amorangi - Kapa Haka is a lifestyle, not a hobby

    He Amorangi- Kapa Haka is a lifestyle, not a hobby

    Paumea Walker is the current Pei Te Hurinui Jones champion and son to tutors of senior Waikato kapa haka, Te Pou o Mangatawhiri. Although his family has no whakapapa to Waikato Tainui, his parents re-established Te Pou o Mangatawhiri upon the request of the late Māori Queen, Te Arikinui Te Ātaairangi Kaahu. Paumea stands to support his parents and family and represent the Kīngatanga at Te Matatini 2017. 

  5. News

    First-timers at Matatini

    Hikurangi, a former Anglican church choir and haka group from Ruatoria, situated under the gaze of the ancestral mountain from which they take their name, compete at Matatini this year for the first time after qualifying at Tamararo 2016 in third place.  

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