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  1. Video for Aim for Zero Waste at Te Matatini

    Aim for Zero Waste at Te Matatini

    Zero Waste will be part and parcel of Te Matatini which begins this Thursday.  With the whole Māori nation excited about Te Matatini, Heretaunga is preparing for thousands of visitors enjoying the pinnacle event for Māori performing arts.   

  2. Video for He Amorangi -Elegance and Poise

    He Amorangi-Elegance and Poise

    He Amorangi: Tū Te Manawa Maurea performer Piata Waitai is known for her elegance and poise. She says her family's passion are the arts, kapa haka is only one aspect.

  3. Video for He Amorangi - Sister Act 2

    He Amorangi- Sister Act 2

    Tonight's Amorangi feature is a story about two sisters Maani and Sarah Waititi who are performers for Te Matatini defending champions Te Whānau a Apanui.  They say that their Nanny and Pāpā are the reason they are passionate about their iwi and group.

  4. Video for King Tuheitia attends Poukai

    King Tuheitia attends Poukai

    The Māori King attended his first Poukai at Maurea marae since receiving his kidney transplant last year. A carved tree was unveiled and 13 women received moko kauae and two men received mataora in honour of King Tuheitia's 10-year reign.

  5. Video for He Amorangi - Sophie Williams

    He Amorangi- Sophie Williams

    He Amorangi - Sophie Williams of Te Arawa and Ngāpuhi descent is a lecturer of dance at the University of Auckland, a PhD student, a key performer and member of Hawaiki Tu Academy. She says her Rotorua based senior kapa Tūhourangi Ngāti Wāhiao has grounded and influenced who she is today as a dancer, a performer and representative of her tribe, Te Arawa.

  6. Video for He Amorangi - Give everything on stage - Hohepa Tamepo

    He Amorangi- Give everything on stage- Hohepa Tamepo

    22-year-old Hohepa Tamepo from Whāngārā Mai Tawhiti on the East Coast says the group's main purpose is to nurture and teach the next generation the stories of Paikea and the histories of their people.

  7. Video for He Amorangi - Hohua Mohi

    He Amorangi- Hohua Mohi

    He Amorangi special feature. Tonight we have one of the youngest judges on this years Te Matatini panel. At 35 years of age, Hohua Mohi is set to judge the haka for the first time at Te Matatini after more than twenty years performing, most recently for Te Arawa juggernauts Ngāti Rangiwewehi and Ngāti Tarāwhai.

  8. Video for He Amorangi - Enhancing the musical ensemble of Waiata Tira

    He Amorangi- Enhancing the musical ensemble of Waiata Tira

    Former Matatini judge Angela Karini has been a composer, a vocal instructor and is a judge of Waiata Tira across all levels of Performing Arts from Primary School to National level. She says for the 'Waiata Tira' gives groups the opportunity to show not just their lyrical genesis but also their vocal genesis. 

  9. Video for He Amorangi - Elements of a formal welcome key for Whakaeke

    He Amorangi- Elements of a formal welcome key for Whakaeke

    Tei Nohotima will be judging the Whakaeke at this year’s Te Matatini festival. Nohotima says he likes to compare the ‘Entry item’ to a formal welcome and will be looking for these elements in groups performances this year.

  10. Video for He Amorangi – When composing waiata koroua, less is more

    He Amorangi – When composing waiata koroua, less is more

    As the Te Matatini draws near we talk to one of the judges of the waiata koroua Chris Winitana. It's Winitana’s second time as a judge at the competitions, but his first as judge of this section. He tells us what he thinks are the special features of the traditional chant.

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