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    Animal Justice League set to protest Rodeo in NZ

    Tomorrow a second protest is set to go ahead to oppose rodeos in New Zealand.

  2. Video for Rodeo is a lifestyle, it teaches young ones respect - Clarry Church

    Rodeo is a lifestyle, it teaches young ones respect- Clarry Church

    Twelve young rodeo riders from across the country have been specially selected to participate in top rodeos across Australia in the hopes to upskill themselves and carry on the tradition of rodeo in New Zealand.

  3. Video for The younger generation of Rodeo - Holly Church

    The younger generation of Rodeo- Holly Church

    The name Church is closely associated with the New Zealand rodeo scene. Now there's another Church champion in the making, eight-year-old Holly Church who has been riding since she was 10 months old. The youngster is currently on the summer rodeo circuit turning heads with her natural flair.

  4. Video for Rodeo boycott doesn't deter Gisborne crowds

    Rodeo boycott doesn't deter Gisborne crowds

    More than 1000 spectators attended the annual Summer Gisborne Rodeo today, despite calls by animal advocacy group SAFE to boycott the event. A SAFE spokesperson says the rodeo is bullying for entertainment but riders here disagree.

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    Select Committee to discuss ban on rodeo in NZ

    A formal hearing with a Select Committee comprising leading animal advocacy organisations will discuss a ban on rodeo in New Zealand. 

  6. Video for Native Affairs – Saddle Up

    Native Affairs – Saddle Up

    The rodeo season has just finished but the same can't be said for the debate over animal safety at rodeo events. Two weeks ago a petition signed by 63,000 Kiwis was presented to Parliament calling for rodeos to be banned. Iulia Leilua went to the Waimarino Rodeo to canvas the views of Māori cowboys about the ban.

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    Anti-rodeo petition submitted to Parliament

    Today, SPCA, SAFE and Farmwatch submitted a petition to Parliament to ban all rodeos in NZ. The petition acquired 60,000 signatures.

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    Petition calling for an end to Rodeo to be presented to Green MP

    A joint petition calling for an end to rodeo will be presented at Parliament today by animal advocacy organisations SAFE, SPCA and Farmwatch.

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