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  1. Sultana Cake - Whānau Bake Off

    Sultana Cake

    Sultana Cake, prepared by The Shelfords. Episode 5.

  2. Cheese Pies - Whānau Bake Off

    Cheese Pies

    Cheese Pies, prepared guest judge Rick Metcalfe, Episode 5.

  3. Ginger Crunch - Whānau Bake Off

    Ginger Crunch

    Ginger Crunch, prepared Eru Shelford. Episode 5.

  4. Thai Pork Burgers on a plate

    Thai Pork Burger and Lime Shake

    Waikato rugby players are in for a master class from chef Cameron. Thai style burgers and coconut shakes.

  5. Mango and Guava Cheesecake - Whānau Bake Off

    Mango and Guava Cheesecake

    Mango and Guava cheesecake, prepared by mother and daughter team, Michelle Lee and Moana Makapelu Lee. Episode 4.

  6. Lemon Meringue Pie - Whānau Bake Off

    Lemon Meringue Pie

    Lemon Meringue Pie, prepared by Mother and Daughter team, Michelle Lee and Moana Makapelu Lee. Episode 4.

  7. Deconstructed Ika Mata - Cam's Kai

    Deconstructed Ika Mata

    Tonight, Aloha! Hawaii-style raw fish is on the menu.

  8. Chilli Chocolate Muffins - Whānau Bake Off

    Chilli Chocolate Muffins

    Chilli Chocolate Muffins prepared by guest judge Gundy Pryor. Episode 3.

  9. Sticky Date Pudding - Whānau Bake Off

    Caramel Sticky Date Pudding

    Sticky Date Pudding prepared by Miria Flavell. Episode 3, 

  10. Peanut Brownie Cookies - Whānau Bake Off

    Peanut Brownie Cookies

    Peanut Brownie Cookies prepared by Hon. Te Ururoa Flavell. Episode 3.

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