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  1. Video for Skindigenous, Episode 5

    Skindigenous, Episode 5

    Western Samoa is one of the few places on the planet where traditional tattooing continued unimpeded through the colonial era. Sua Peter Sulu’ape is a contemporary master of the craft.

  2. Video for Skindigenous, Episode 4

    Skindigenous, Episode 4

    Dion Kaszas is an artist & scholar who feels a strong connection to his Interior Salish roots. He has devoted countless hours to the study & practice of traditional tattooing.

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    Beyond the Fame Sean Wainui & Paige Fox

    An entertainment reality show following Super Rugby star Sean Wainui and his fiance former model and social media influencer Paige Fox as the build up to their wedding. We follow them and their squads on a Reo Journey and everyday life challenges of a modern Maori couple living in 2019 all be it a famous couple.  

  4. Video for Skindigenous, Episode 3

    Skindigenous, Episode 3

    A shaman named Aman Jepri gives an apprentice the markings that will complete his initiation into Mentawai shamanism.

  5. Video for Skindigenous, Episode 2

    Skindigenous, Episode 2

    Métis artist Amy Malbeuf’s insatiable appetite for new creative outlets has led her to work in many artistic fields, including traditional Indigenous tattooing.

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    The art of tattoo becomes a lens for exploring some of the planet’s oldest cultures. Experience their unique perspectives on life, identity and the natural world.

  7. Video for Te Iwi Kōhatu, Episode 10

    Te Iwi Kōhatu, Episode 10

    A reality series where a group of volunteers must form a hapu, and live & survive together in a semi-traditional Māori pa. (R)

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    Te Iwi Kōhatu

    A whānau takes on the challenge to live in a semi traditional Māori Pā. They will learn to live off the land in the ways of their ancestors.

  9. Video for Street Dance Nationals 2016, REALITY

    Street Dance Nationals 2016, REALITY

    Street Dance Nationals 2016, REALITY

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