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  1. Video for New footage in Maikuku case

    New footage in Maikuku case

    The family of a man accused of attacking a sole police officer say new video footage clears him of any wrongdoing.

  2. Video for Maikuku pleads not guilty

    Maikuku pleads not guilty

    20-year-old Jackie Maikuku will defend all charges against him after he allegedly assaulted Kawhia's lone police officer earlier this year and his parents are pointing the finger at police.

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    Maikuku appears before community magistrate

    In the Te Awamutu District Court, Jackie Maikuku and his father, Jack Maikuku, appeared before community magistrate, Kathryn Wilson. They face charges relating to the assault of Constable Perry Griffin in Kawhia last weekend.

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    Kāwhia community airs concerns

    The people of Kāwhia along with members of the Ōtorohanga Council and Police gathered in Kāwhia to express their concerns after the assault of the area's sole policeman, Perry Griffin.

  5. Video for Kāwhia locals dispute Police version of events

    Kāwhia locals dispute Police version of events

    Photos of the alleged assault of Kāwhia’s sole police constable, Perry Griffin have surfaced and the man who released them is promising to also produce video footage. The man spoke to Waikato Times and identified himself as a relative of the accused. He says his video contradicts the police officer’s version of events.

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