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    Native Affairs- MPI agrees to save pāua

    A collective agreement to save parts of the Kaikōura ecology, including the relocation of thousands of stranded pāua has been reached.

  2. Wasted fish frames left on 90 Mile Beach - Photo / Naomi Austen-Reid

    Website aims to stop the waste of kaimoana

    A well-known fishing personality has started a website in an effort to stop wastage and fish frames piling up on beaches in NZ.

  3. Video for Native Affairs - Pāua to the people

    Native Affairs- Pāua to the people

    Pāua, it's as kiwi as kina, its iconic shell sold in every souvenir shop across Aotearoa.  What you may not know about pāua is that it only grows in 5 countries.  No surprise then that it's worth millions in overseas exports.

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