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  1. Video for Ngaai Tahu reviving mau raakau in the South Island

    Ngaai Tahu reviving mau raakau in the South Island

    Mau raakau is an ancient practice from the gods, however despite this it was almost lost in Ngaai Tahu, according to a tutor who is reviving the ancient tradition amongst the women and men in the South Island. 

  2. Video for Dr Walker: A man who empowered minds

    Dr Walker: A man who empowered minds

    Dignitaries from the Bay of Plenty, the South Island and many other corners of the nation are mourning the loss of such a noble leader who leaves behind his family. 

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    Ōnuku Marae to host Ngāi Tahu Treaty Festival

    Discussing freshwater issues, citizenship, diversity and the Treaty, is the focus of this year's Waitangi Day commemorations festivities.

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    Hana O'Regan appointed General Manager- Oranga for Ngāi Tahu

    Hana O Regan has been appointed the General Manager – Oranga for Te Rūnanga o Ngāi Tahu.

  5. Hui-ā-Iwi logo - Photo / Te Rūnanga o Ngāi Tahu

    Ngāi Tahu hosts Hui-ā-Iwi 2015 in Dunedin

    Ngāi Tahu families from all over the country have gathered in Dunedin for the Ngāi Tahu festival.  Hui-ā-Iwi 2015 will run from Friday 20 November to Sunday 22 November.

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    Ngāi Tahu Pounamu beads signify strength of cancer sufferers

    Ngāi Tahu Pounamu has started a significant partnership with the Child Cancer Foundation, with the launch of a new hand-carved pounamu bead as part of the Beads of Courage programme that recognises the strength and courage of each child during cancer treatment and procedures.

  7. Video for Ngāi Tahu says their right of first refusal too has been breached many times

    Ngāi Tahu says their right of first refusal too has been breached many times

    According to Ngāi Tahu, one of the country's first iwi to settle its Treaty claim, they've been wedged out of their right of first refusal (RFR) by the government a number of times.  Ngāi Tahu chairman, Sir Mark Solomon has also criticised Bill English's assertion that RFR needs to be further defined.

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    Public input sought on Takapūneke Reserve in Christchurch

    Christchurch City Council wants public input into a plan that could help make Banks Peninsula's Takapūneke Reserve a National Reserve.

  9. Robert Berridge wins Rise of the Fallen - Photo / file

    Berridge to fight for World Light Heavyweight

    Ngāi Tahu boxer Robert Berridge's dream to fight for the World Light Heavyweight championship is now a reality.

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    Ngāi Tahu pays homage to Te Matatini groups and supporters

    Thousands travelled to Christchurch to celebrate kapa haka at Te Matatini this year including, performers, supporters, businesses and manuhiri from across the nation and the world.

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