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  1. Video for Ngāruahine finally break Four Year Final Losing Streak

    Ngāruahine finally break Four Year Final Losing Streak

    After four consecutive grand final defeats, Ngāruahine, the South Taranaki iwi are at last, the Taranaki Māori Rugby League Champions.

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    Rupapera hopes to maintain traditional teachers for others

    Playing a kaitiaki role in handling dead whales when rescue efforts had failed, Harina Rupapera is taking her experiences into schools and communities with the hope this knowledge doesn't fade away.

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    Ngā Ruahine kaumātua supports independent governance of Māori land

    In light of recent events regarding the governance of Māori land in Taranaki, Ngā Ruahine Kaumātua Hori Manuirirangi has come forward in support of the independence of land owners in the management of Māori land.

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    Taranaki iwi Ngāruahine seek recognition over coastline

    Taranaki iwi are among those claiming customary rights under the Marine and Coastal Area Act. However, one iwi has made an application to the High Court with the aim of gaining recognition over their sea.

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    Māori Chancellor keen to expand Māori economy

    The first ever Māori Chancellor of Te Kunenga ki Pūrehuroa is keen to expand the potential in the Māori economy.  Michael Ahie (Taranaki, Ngā Ruahine, Ngāti Ruanui) believes the university, with its expertise in the agri-food and business sectors, is well placed to empower Māori through education.

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    Iwi groups disappointed Govt cancels final settlement readings

    Three iwi groups are angry and upset that the third reading of their Historical Treaty Settlement Bills will not go ahead at Parliament this week. Ngāruahine, Te Atiawa and Taranaki iwi believe they have been stonewalled by the actions of NZ First, who refused to attend the passing of the bills this Friday.

  7. Hineuru whenua - Photo / file

    Hineuru and Ngāruahine Treaty settlement bills pass first reading

    The Treaty settlement bills for two iwi, Hineuru and Ngāruahine, have passed their first readings today in an extended sitting in Parliament.

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    Ngāruahine complete emotional treaty settlement

    Taranaki tribe Ngāruahine have completed the final step of their treaty settlement process.  As well as $67.5 million cash funds, an agreement was made for the Crown to apologise to the iwi for imprisoning their ancestors.

  9. Ngāti Waewae host Ngāruahine iwi to receive Crown apology - Photo / file

    Ngāruahine iwi receive Crown apology for historic injustices

    Today the Crown made a formal apology to a large contingent of Ngāruahine descendants in Hokitika, which was associated with the iwi's historic claims.

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