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    Reti all fired up over Te Pae Tata health plan during health 'crisis'

    National’s health spokesperson Dr Shane Reti has come out firing on the major health system restructure which he says is adding more pressure to a health crisis and pandemic.

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    Two very different issues- National defends handling of Kuriger's conflict of interest

    National has rejected accusations of hypocrisy in the wake of Barbara Kuriger’s resignation from her portfolios late last week.

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    National, ACT could govern alone

    Act, the political party that says a bottom line for it to agree to partner National in a government is a referendum on keeping the Treaty of Waitangi, has seen its popularity drift south this mont

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    No Tiriti referendum, no government- Seymour to Luxon

    A referendum on co-governance would be a prerequisite for a coalition with Act after next year’s election, leader David Seymour says - despite National boss Chris Luxon, ruling out such a vote

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    National government could reintroduce live animal exports

    National says it will consider reintroducing live animal exports, if it is elected to government, having voted against the bill banning it in parliament yesterday.

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    'Poor brown kids are the target of a right-wing agenda'- researcher

    A leading researcher on rangatahi not in employment or education has branded National’s policy of stripping benefits from those not accepting employment as ‘misguided, simplistic and lacking evidence’

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    Uffindell investigation sparks by-election considerations

    As National scrambles to seek answers to new allegations fielded at Tauranga MP Sam Uffindell, the potential for a repeat byelection moves up a notch.

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    Uffindell remorseful but political commentator calls out 'white privilege'

    A party that should be celebrating its comeback in the latest results of a political popularity poll is now dealing with yet another blow.

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    ACT reaffirms repeal of Three Waters if elected

    ACT has reaffirmed its position that if elected to power next year, it will repeal the Labour government’s Three Waters legislation.

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    Tauranga MP recalls 'using only his fists' in high school incident

    New National Tauranga MP Sam Uffindell has responded to reports about an incident that happened when he was a student at the prestigious King's College in Auckland.

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