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  1. Mt Zion

    Mt Zion is the story of Turei, a musically gifted spud picker from Pukekohe.  

  2. Video for Stan Walkers whānau review

    Stan Walkers whānau review

    Released on Waitangi Day theNew Zealand movie Mt Zion has received rave reviews and sold out advanced bookings which resulted in many people being turned away. Last night the family of the star Stan Walker watched the movie in a packed theatre in Tauranga where Stan admitted it was one of the most nerve racking experiences of his life.

  3. Video for Mt Zion Premiere in Auckland

    Mt Zion Premiere in Auckland

    It’s been seven years since the initial concept of Mt Zion and now all the hard work has finally come to fruition.  Tonight, the world premiere of Mt Zion was held in Manukau City where the cast and crew walked the red carpet, and celebrated the film they laboured over for months.

  4. Video for Bootleggers sell Mount Zion

    Bootleggers sell Mount Zion

    Just four days before the premiere of the long awaited Mt Zion film starring Stan Walker and Temuera Morrisson, Te Kāea has learned the movie is being allegedly bootlegged.

  5. Video for ‘Mt Zion’ to hit cinemas next month

    ‘Mt Zion’ to hit cinemas next month

    With just under a month to go till the premiere of Mt Zion, the first feature film for Australian Idol winner Stan Walker, Pukekohe is abuzz with anticipation to see their own local scenery on the big screen. Te Kāea spoke to two of the films' stars, Stan Walker and Temuera Morrison on the upcoming release.

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