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  1. The King's Speech

    (AO) The story of King George VI, his impromptu ascension to the throne of the British Empire in 1936, and the speech therapist who helped the unsure monarch overcome his stammer.

  2. Where to Invade Next

    (AO) To learn what the USA can learn from other nations, Michael Moore playfully "invades" them to see what they have to offer.

  3. Power Meri

    The Papua New Guinea women's rugby league team prepares for its first world cup, and hopes to change a nation's mind set in the process.

  4. Le Week-End

    (AO) A British couple return to Paris many years after their honeymoon there in an attempt to rejuvenate their marriage.

  5. Quartet

    At a home for retired musicians, the annual concert to celebrate Verdi's birthday is disrupted by the arrival of Jean, an eternal diva and the former wife of one of the residents.  Stars Maggie Smith, Billy Connolly and Michael Gambon.

  6. Peggy Guggenheim Art Addict

    (AO) A portrait of a patron of the arts extraordinaire who transformed a modest fortune and impeccable taste into one of the premiere collections of twentieth century art.

  7. Walking Points

    Walking Points follows three compelling storylines and illustrates the strong bond between human and dogs.

  8. Orphans and Kingdoms

    A powerful drama about a man who returns to his own home only to be bound and beaten by three fugitive kids. Exposed to the helplessness of his tormentors he is forced to face the demons of his own dark past.

  9. Wish I Was Here

    A struggling actor, father and husband finds himself at a major crossroads, which forces him to examine his life, his family and his career. Stars Zach Braff.

  10. Hotel Rwanda

    (AO) Paul Rusesabagina was a hotel manager who housed over a thousand Tutsi refugees during their struggle against the Hutu militia in Rwanda.

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