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  1. Hanawiti Tītī

    Episode 9- Hanawiti Tītī

    There is nothing more traditional that the Tītī, commonly known as the Mutton Bird. With it’s unique flavours Monique and Henry cut through the bitter with the sweet and make a traditional dish contemporary for today's palate.

  2. Hāngi

    Ep 7- Hāngi

    Katarina is always doing fundraisers with kai and her aim is to do another with a hāngi. Mince balls, stuffing with horopito butter and steamed pudding are the highlights.

  3. Plate of hangi

    Episode 3- Heke Hāngī

    The days of 8 hour hāngī are over. Henry and Monique literally bring the stones from outside… inside, to cook a hāngī within two hours delivering the smell, the flavour and the nostalgia that will leave you wanting more.

  4. Venison stew displayed on bench in a bowl

    Ep 3- Venison Stew- Kōhua mīti tia

    Jennifer Hussey wants to prepare a meal for the homeless and learn about healthy meals on a tight budget. Rex’s menu includes venison stew, buttered cabbage and fry bread with caramelised pears.

  5. Chicken mousse and mushrooms

    Chicken Liver Mousse with Smoked Mushrooms, Caramalised Onions and Sticky Red Wine Reduction

    Cam meets Will Flavell, a teacher and politician with a busy life. Cam shows him how to make focaccia bread chicken liver mousse.

  6. Roast beef

    Episode 2- Marie's Roast Beef

    Marie's son has a 14th birthday coming up but she isn’t confident in the kitchen. Rex has an idea to spice up stir-fry Prawns, roast beef and chocolate cake.

  7. Roasted lamb

    Episode 1- Claire's Roast Lamb

    Tonight: Claire from Kaikohe is hosting a dinner fundraiser towards the school swimming pool.

  8. Video for American BBQ smoking hot among Māori

    American BBQ smoking hot among Māori

    Auckland's first Meatstock barbecue festival is done and dusted but low and slow cooking is here to stay. Māori were among the many pitmasters and barbecue enthusiasts taking to the grills over the weekend. 

  9. News

    NZ butchers hope to bring home the bacon

    New Zealand's butchery team The Pure South Sharp Blacks is counting down to the World Butchers' Challenge in Australia where they hope to defend their winning title. 

  10. Finished Lamb Shank Hotpot presented on a plate

    Lamb Shank Hotpot

    Lamb Shank Hotpot prepared by Gundy Pryor.

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