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    Moana New Zealand's efforts through Covid-19 benefits all Iwi with dividend shares

    All 58 Iwi will receive a share of $8.8 million dividends as the financial results are finalised.

  2. Video for Super Kai

    Super Kai

    Scientists are investigating a special blend of native plants and common spices in the hope it may help prevent some types of cancer. The kīnaki is the brainchild of the late Ngahuia Hare Lena of Tūhoe. Her whānau have joined forces with AgResearch scientists to test its potential as a food in the fight against cancer.

  3. Fitness in the Whare Episode 20 Kai Ora

    Episode 20- Kai Ora

    Wairangi Koopu is in the kauta for our Kai Ora nutrition segment and he’s making a chicken bone broth!

  4. Fitness in the Whare 19 Kai Ora

    Episode 19- Kai Ora

    Chef/Nutritional expert Ngarama Milner-Olsen shows you how she makes her training health food, salted caramel sugar-free breakfast balls.

  5. Fitness in the Whare Episode 18 Kai Ora

    Episode 18- Kai Ora

    Our personal trainer Ngarama Milner Olsen is back in the kitchen with steamed mussels.

  6. Fitness in the Whare Episode 16 Kai Ora

    Episode 16- Kai Ora

    Māori Chef and Forager Charles Royal makes Gluten-free Soda Bread with Piko Piko.

  7. Episode 11- Kai Ora

    Joining Alby and Mātai in the kauta are the crew from Toi Tangata with a healthy kūmara pizza alternative.

  8. Fitness in the Whare Episode 10 Kai Ora

    Episode 10- Kai Ora

    Chef/Nutritional expert Levi Armstrong tells us about the importance of meal planning. As they say, failing to plan is planning to fail. Levi shares some tips for a daily plan.

  9. Fitness in the Whare Episode 9 Kai Ora

    Episode 9- Kai Ora

    Personal trainer, athlete and former Netballer Ngarama Milner-Olsen shares one of her favourite breakfast recipes, bircher museli.

  10. Fitness in the Whare Episode 8 Kai Ora

    Episode 8- Kai Ora

    Chef/Nutritional expert Heather Skipworth shows us her take on how to make a basic hearty sandwich.                                                                                                                

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