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  1. Video for Native Affairs – The Secret

    Native Affairs – The Secret

    Parents, how would you feel if your daughter's school helped her have an abortion without your knowledge? It's lawful but is it right? The Kieft whānau says it's not! And, they tried to change the law after their daughter Ariana revealed her secret to them.

  2. Video for Abuse of Aborigines nothing new

    Abuse of Aborigines nothing new

    An Aboriginal leader says the abuse of young boys in Australian custody is nothing new. Kyle Slabb from the Bunkulung tribe in the Gold Coast is one of the few who isn’t shocked by the disturbing footage released on the ABC network programme, Four Corners, this week.

  3. Video for Prisons are a place of crime not rehabilitation - Workman

    Prisons are a place of crime not rehabilitation- Workman

    A Māori academic is calling for a Royal Commission of Inquiry into New Zealand's criminal justice system. Kim Workman made his recommendations at an urgent hearing of the Waitangi Tribunal discussing Māori incarceration rates.

  4. Video for Native Affairs – Face off

    Native Affairs – Face off

    How could lines on a face stir up so much trouble? Patrick Salmon is proud of his new facial moko but it's caused a lot of controversy because many believe it is a woman’s traditional moko. But Tā moko artist Patrick Takoko who worked on Salmon’s face is upset with him and wants to complete it as it was supposed to be, a man’s moko.

  5. Video for Native Affairs - Cycle of Change

    Native Affairs- Cycle of Change

    A Gisborne grandmother who suffered from terrible child abuse that led to a life of crime says it's possible to change without specialist care. Patricia Walsh speaks honestly about her journey of change in the hope her story will inspire others.

  6. Video for Time to abolish prisons - Moana Jackson

    Time to abolish prisons- Moana Jackson

    Māori Law academic Moana Jackson is calling for the abolition of prisons in NZ and says Ngāti Kahungunu would set up their own system to deal with tribal members that commit crime. Jackson presented his evidence at an urgent hearing before the Waitangi Tribunal over the alleged failure by the government to address the high Māori prison population.

  7. Video for Native Affairs Summer Series – Certified

    Native Affairs Summer Series – Certified

    The family of a mother and baby who died while in maternity care are hurt and angry no-one has been held accountable. Casey Nathan died from a rare amniotic fluid embolism in May 2012.  Her newborn son, Kymani, died two days later.

  8. Video for Native Affairs - A seed of doubt

    Native Affairs- A seed of doubt

    Denis Luke has spent twenty years in prison for killing police witness Christopher Crean. But Luke's family doesn't believe he took any part in the killing and they have the support of the Sensible Sentencing Trust.

  9. News

    Native Affairs – Breaking the cycle

    There are many successful blended families in New Zealand including step-mums and step-dads, but what happens when a mum allows the wrong man into her home and children's lives? Tonight two women do some tough talking about keeping whānau safe.

  10. Video for Child abuse laws need to be revisited - Quince

    Child abuse laws need to be revisited- Quince

    A criminal law expert says the Crown's justification for accepting a manslaughter plea bargain in the case of Moko Rangitoheriri is a "cop-out". Khylee Quince says although the length of the defendants' sentence is appropriate the only difference in this murder vs manslaughter debate is the label.

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