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  1. Video for Native Affairs - Selling off Waitara

    Native Affairs- Selling off Waitara

    The New Plymouth District Council is being accused by some Waitara Māori of selling off stolen land through the Waitara Lands Bill, being read in Parliament tomorrow. The bill will allow the Council to sell off Waitara land leases. It was opposed by just one councillor, Howie Tamati.

  2. Video for Kaumatua speaks Māori, threatened with arrest

    Kaumatua speaks Māori, threatened with arrest

    Parliament's Senior Māori Advisor is angry he was threatened with arrest when pulled over by Wellington police because he chose to respond to the officer's questions in te reo Māori. Kura Moeahu says he did nothing wrong and was only exercising his legal right to speak his national language.

  3. Video for Māori should utilise the UNDRIP - Professor Mutu

    Māori should utilise the UNDRIP- Professor Mutu

    The inaugural forum on the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP) is being held in Auckland tonight, which is nearly 10 years since it was adopted. So what does it mean for New Zealand and what difference has it made?

  4. Video for Native Affairs – Legal Claim

    Native Affairs – Legal Claim

    A Treaty of Waitangi Claim has been lodged against the New Zealand Justice System, seeking redress for bias and institutional racism. It's been promoted by a man once charged with manslaughter who was looking at a life sentence in prison.

  5. Video for Exclusive - Trust speaks out after Sir Ngatata Love guilty versdict

    Exclusive- Trust speaks out after Sir Ngatata Love guilty versdict

    The Port Nicholson Settlement Trust will pursue recovering funds following the guilty verdict against Sir Ngatata Love.

  6. Video for Māori offer support to whānau of killed Aboriginal teenager

    Māori offer support to whānau of killed Aboriginal teenager

    The Māori community in Kalgoorlie is banding together to provide assistance to the family of a 14-year old Aboriginal teenager whose death sparked violent protests in the city. It's been reported that the incident was racially motivated.

  7. News

    Luke Tipene killer sentenced to 5 years, 2 months

    Vincent Skeen has been sentenced to five years and two months in jail today for the manslaughter of Luke Tipene in November 2014.

  8. Video for Native Affairs – The Secret

    Native Affairs – The Secret

    Parents, how would you feel if your daughter's school helped her have an abortion without your knowledge? It's lawful but is it right? The Kieft whānau says it's not! And, they tried to change the law after their daughter Ariana revealed her secret to them.

  9. Video for Abuse of Aborigines nothing new

    Abuse of Aborigines nothing new

    An Aboriginal leader says the abuse of young boys in Australian custody is nothing new. Kyle Slabb from the Bunkulung tribe in the Gold Coast is one of the few who isn’t shocked by the disturbing footage released on the ABC network programme, Four Corners, this week.

  10. Video for Prisons are a place of crime not rehabilitation - Workman

    Prisons are a place of crime not rehabilitation- Workman

    A Māori academic is calling for a Royal Commission of Inquiry into New Zealand's criminal justice system. Kim Workman made his recommendations at an urgent hearing of the Waitangi Tribunal discussing Māori incarceration rates.

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