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    Māori to showcase traditional games at World Indigenous event

    October 23 will mark the start of the very first World Indigenous Games in Brazil.

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    Petition calls for continued funding for Aboriginal legal advice service

    A petition including over 34 thousand signatures has been reinvigorated calling for the Australian Government to continue funding of a 24-hour legal advice and RU OK phone line for Aboriginal people.

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    Thames students to perform haka in support of remote Aboriginal communities

    Students of Thames South School will kick off a rally against the closure of remote Aboriginal communities today with a performance described as a ‘flashmob fusion haka with didgeridoo.’

  4. Mike Smith, Hinekaa Mako and Sonny Otene at Saami Parliament in Norway

    Māori representatives against oil exploration meet with Saami Parliament

    Members of the Indigenous Saami Parliament have met with a group of Māori representatives from Northland, carrying with them a message against oil-exploration at Te Reinga Basin.

  5. Video for Noongar people remain steadfast despite police raids

    Noongar people remain steadfast despite police raids

    Despite aggressive police raids on the Tent Embassy at Matagarup in Perth over the last few days, the Noongar people are determined to stay on their land to protest against the planned closure of remote Aboriginal communities across Western Australia.

  6. Video for Numerous rallies around the world in support of Aboriginal comminities

    Numerous rallies around the world in support of Aboriginal comminities

    Multiple rallies across the globe were held to raise awareness of the forced closures of Aboriginal communities in Australia, supporters in New Zealand adding their voice to stop the closures. 

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    Hone Harawira accuses Australian PM of being a 'racist bastard'

    MANA Movement leader and former Te Taitokerau MP Hone Harawira has accused the Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott of being a 'racist bastard.'

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    Protest rallies set to kick off against the closure of Aboriginal communities

    Protest rallies are taking place across New Zealand and Australia today over the forced closure of remote Aboriginal communities.

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    Perth Police attempt to close down tent embassy on Heirisson Island

    The occupants of the Tent Embassy on Heirisson Island were confronted by Police yesterday in a heated exchange which led to claims of excessive force used against one of the protestors.

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    Supporters prepare for 2nd Call to Action Against closure of Aboriginal Communities

    Countries around the world will hold gatherings tomorrow condemning the impending closure of hundreds of remote Aboriginal communities in Australia.

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