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  1. Video for A safety message for hunters

    A safety message for hunters

    The New Zealand Police are urging hunters to take care of themselves when going hunting.

  2. Video for Officials warn home-kill consumers to take care

    Officials warn home-kill consumers to take care

    Council Environmental health officers warn the public to be wary of purchasing home-kill meat, especially considering the increase in the number of illegal sales of hunted or home-kill meats online.  

  3. Video for Native Affairs – Marae Hunting

    Native Affairs – Marae Hunting

    Along the Whanganui River - marae have a plan to reconnect, it's a hunting competition. They're trying to attract people to their traditional lands, encourage tourism and earn up to $10,000 to help marae with maintenance.

  4. Video for Happy hunting ground

    Happy hunting ground

    More than eight years have passed since the death of Sir Howard Morrison. But the hunting competition set up in his memory is alive and well.  Fifteen teams entered the Sir Howard Morrison Super 4 Competition this year, catching wild boar, red stags, rainbow trout, and eels.

  5. Shows

    Toa Hunter Gatherer

    Toa Hunter Gatherer recaptures the traditional knowledge and techniques that have been lost since using modern ways to source kai. Made with the support of NZ On Air. 

  6. News

    Name of hunter shot in Ruahine Rangers released

    The hunter who was accidentally shot dead in the Ruahine Ranges yesterday was 23-year-old Danny Rion Jordan. 

  7. News

    Man dies in hunting incident in the Ruahine Ranges

    It has been confirmed that a hunter who was accidentally shot in the Ruahine Ranges, in the Hawkes Bay this morning has died.

  8. Video for Waiōhau Marae prepare for wharekai rebuild

    Waiōhau Marae prepare for wharekai rebuild

    The closing ceremony for the dining hall of Waiōhau Marae took place this morning as they prepare for the demolition and re-build of their wharekai.

  9. Video for Native Affairs – Off Target

    Native Affairs – Off Target

    Hunting, it’s a favourite pastime for many Māori, and it's a good source of kai for the whānau.  But hunting has also been the source of much heartache.  In just over 20 years, 28 people have been killed hunting, this year alone six people have been shot dead. 

  10. Video for Waikaremoana's first hunting competition

    Waikaremoana's first hunting competition

    Over the long weekend, Waikaremoana hosted their very first hunting competition with more than 200 hunters of all ages turning out to support the event.

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