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  1. Video for Native Affairs - Still A Warrior

    Native Affairs- Still A Warrior

    It has been 20 years since the film Once Were Warriors shocked the nation with its gritty portrayal of Māori family violence and dysfunction.

  2. Video for Native Affairs - Dark Horse

    Native Affairs- Dark Horse

    Genesis Potini was known on the chess circuit as The Dark Horse. He was big, brave and brilliant. 

  3. Video for Dark Horse Premiere touches hearts

    Dark Horse Premiere touches hearts

    In Gisborne last night, the premiere of The Dark Horse featuring renowned Māori actors Cliff Curtis and James Rolleston was underway.

  4. Video for Talented film makers unite to nurture new talent

    Talented film makers unite to nurture new talent

    Skilled Māori and Pacific filmmakers are uniting to help encourage and nurture future film making talent in New Zealand.

  5. News

    Māori films continue to grow in popularity

    There is a demand for Māori film as it grows in popularity each year. 

  6. Video for Native Affairs - Fang-Tastic!

    Native Affairs- Fang-Tastic!

    It's hard to escape the hype around Taika Waititi's new movie, "What We Do in the Shadows".  Ruwani Perera caught up with the cast before its big premiere on Friday night.

  7. Video for Māori film touches hearts

    Māori film touches hearts

    “Inc’d” is a film about a successful Māori man, working in the corporate sector in Australia having his world change when he returns home to his father's funeral. 

  8. Video for Native Affairs - Fantail

    Native Affairs- Fantail

    Proof that good things can come from small purses is local drama “Fantail”, a feature-length film which follows the emotional journey of a blonde, blue-eyed service station attendant who thinks she is Māori.

  9. Video for Film workshops pave way for Māori

    Film workshops pave way for Māori

    A series of film and television workshops is being run to up-skill workers of the industry, enabling them to learn new technology, and to advance future Māori films. 

  10. Video for ‘The Road to Whakarae’ documentary

    ‘The Road to Whakarae’ documentary

    A documentary film showcasing the lifestyle of whānau living in the Matahī valley in the Urewera is currently being edited by its creators under the LOADING DOCS concept.

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